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2013 saw the launch of the Fairshares Association


Rory Indonesia Dec13

Rory Ridley-Duff talks to Indonesian NGOs

One of the best things about 2013 was the launch of the FairShares Association. Here Rory looks back on the first year of this new model in the Fairshares Blog.

Fairshares model

Geof Cox speaking at the Workaround Conference in Berlin

Geof Berlin Oct 13 Our Director Geof Cox, recently spoke at  the WORKAROUND Conference in Berlin, a three-day symposium, workshop and community meeting, looking into various models of work organisation and community approaches that ensure life and work quality. They were looking behind the cliché of the freelance worker and exploring the old and new territories of unions and cooperations as tools for achieving common goals. They finished off the symposium with an interesting exchange of strategies and structures of self-organisation.

Young Entrepreneur Amy Hale visits France

2013-09-10 Amy HaleAmy Hale is setting up her social enterprise in the UK, called Zero Carbon Canape Catering and is keen to learn from an experienced social entrepreneur.  Through our grant from the Erasmus programme she was placed with Larry Tchiou at Make Sense in France.  She will be learning about project management and scaling up and will help Make Sense develop their pitch.

Working in Indonesia

Over the years we have been working with the British Council in Indonesia to help communities develop their social enterprise ideas. Here is a short video showing the fruits of our work – thanks especially to Fajar and Dhika for their support and enthusiasm.