About Us

Social Enterprise Europe is a company founded by Cliff Southcombe, organised as a co-operative network of educators, consultants and social enterprise advocates in four continents.  We have worked in over 43 countries in the past two decades.

Company Members, Associates and Social Licence Holders have been at the forefront of social enterprise development in their respective countries for more than 20 years.

Social Enterprise Europe (SEE) is a Company Limited by Guarantee governed by directors based in the UK, Sweden, Germany, France and Italy.  Our core team are supplemented by a secondary network of associated consultants and independent Social Licence Holders who deliver programmes using SEE training and consultancy materials.  Social Licence holders operate in Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, East Africa, Vietnam, and China.

In 2012, SEE and two of it’s Directors co-founded Social Enterprise (CASES) Ltd, the world’s first FairShares Company delivering co-operative and social enterprise support and management services with Emma Green.

In 2013, three SEE directors co-founded the FairShares Association to protect, develop and promote the FairShares Brand and Model of social enterprise development with, Morgan Killick, Nicola Dickens and Emma Green.