Chartering into the future

Euclid Strasburg2


FairShares – The future of Enterprise Governance. Was the title of the informal social enterprise cafe event being run by Cliff and Andrew in Strasbourg at Pub MacCarthy 6 Rue Des Glaciers. It was a very successful with much interest generated.  Cliff went on the present at the live event (DIY days) in Goteborg. You can see more of the other projects in the videos of the event, lots of interesting people with ideas from around the world.

New Business Models - youtube video of the DIY day

Reflection – Value Network - youtube video of google hangout on 20th


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If you feel responsible for your organisation and for the future of our society; if you work for a civil society initiated organisation or are interested in a more value based Europe, then EUCLID NETWORK is YOUR network. We will help you to exchange with peers in other countries and sectors, share innovative ways to improve impact for society and build up a coalition of leaders for the common good.