The Global Social Enterprise Fellows’ Programme

What the Global Social Enterprise Fellows Programme?

The new Global Social Enterprise Fellows Programme is an innovative, “next – Generation” programme for highly effective social change and public problem solving.

The programme is designed to help social entrepreneurs and social enterprise  students from around the globe take enterprises and innovative models to the next level – whether through the launch of a new venture, development of a programme, or creation of a completely new model of problem – solving venture.

The programme will bring the Fellows to the latest developments in social enterprise in the UK and Globally through helping them apply their understanding of social enterprise to practical use. Students will have the opportunity for advanced study around social enterprise models, and then be placed with social enterprise hosts to experience the way social enterprise works in the UK and Globally.

Hosts will provide the opportunity for students to learn practical skills by working alongside experienced social entrepreneurs. This experience will deepen their understanding of social enterprise and to take this experience back to their own countries.

Hosts will benefit from the exchange of knowledge, skills and a new perspective brought by these advanced students placed with them. Students can be matched to provide support with specific projects.

As part of the programme social enterprise hosts will have the opportunity to broaden their own connectivity to like-minded ventures across the globe through Social Enterprise Internationals new online international learning platforms. These platforms aims to provide social enterprise opportunity to share practice and encourage collaboration.

What are the benefits of hosting a Fellow?

 The Global Social Enterprise Fellows Programme offers advanced learning too students from a range of countries, which brings the following benefits to your organisation:

  • A view to international perspectives on the social economy
  • Provide an opportunity for shared learning
  • To make a difference to the global social economy movement
  • Capacity to undertake small projects or tasks

In addition to these you will have access to Social Enterprise International learning platform.

How do you get involved as a Fellows Host?

We are now looking to recruit social enterprise leaders as Fellows’ Hosts, who are passionate about sharing their learning around social enterprise.  We broker global students and hosts through matching their social aims and objectives, with the students learning outcomes.

The experience should enable students to understand how social entrepreneurship principles have been applied to address social problems.

As a Host we would ask you to provide practical experience through a short-term placement, between 1-6 months, with agreed learning objectives.  Social Enterprise International will work with you to put together a work plan that meets both yours and the student’s objectives.

In some cases it might be preferable to host students in pairs where capacity allows to provide a mix of skills for the host and to enable students to reflect on their learning.

To ensure fellows’ placements are accessible to all, it would be appreciated if hosts could help identify free or reasonably priced accommodation for the student.

Potential Hosts will be asked to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ form. Successful expressions of interest will be followed up by an informal interview by a member the Social Enterprise International Team.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a host then please contact for more information or complete the contact form below.

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