Social Enterprise Europe is a specialist provider of courses to people who wish to understand, create, manage, fund and support social enterprise.

We develop open courses, in-house training, and accredited qualifications that build knowledge and capacity to enable people to create organisations that are fair and responsible. We also develop bespoke training. Please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

Our current courses are;

Cooperative and Social Enterprise Summer School –  This is a 3 day executive overview of the social and economic contribution of co-operatives and social enterprises. Aimed at those who want an understanding of the place occupied by, and the contribution of these forms of enterprise to the economy, to communities and to individuals.  The next summer school will take place in York in 2015 in partnership with York St John University.

NGO transformation – A 2 week course for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) including charities that are interested in converting or setting up a social enterprise.  The course is managed by our Director in Jakarta Romy Cahyadi.  The next course starts in Indonesia on 11th March 2015

Together – A 3 day course to enable community leaders to understand how to develop social enterprise to solve social and environmental problems, followed by on-going support to develop a project .  The course is being coordinated by two of our Directors Thierry Weishaupt and Cliff Southcombe

Social auditing – A 2 day course for those working in the community and third sector looking to deliver sustainable benefits.

Social Enterprises for Schools – Helping schools introduce social enterprise into their teaching, develop social enterprises with their students and their community, based on our publication Learning by Doing.

Social Enterprise Structures – For social enterprise advisers helping them make sense of the complexity of legal form options for social enterprises from Companies Ltd by Guarantee or shares, FairShares and Mutli Stakeholder models, Charitable and CIC status.