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EU Project; New Trail Jobs


newtrailjobs-120Social Enterprise CASES is collaborating with 5 partners from across Europe to research and share best practice through the New Trail Jobs partnership. Partners from Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Lithuania have teamed up to improve opportunities in rural economies.

Tourism is a key sector of the European economy and contributes to employment, regional development and an enhanced natural and cultural heritage. Rural areas in Europe are facing big challenges concerning the demographic changes and the emigration of people. Most of these areas have an important cultural history, famous landscapes and also a unique food and agricultural tradition.

The New Trail Job partnership addresses the so called culture, food or greentrails. Through these trails the cultural identity and the nature of traditional kitchens can be protected. This offers a huge opportunity for rural entrepreneurs and job creation.

The New Trail Job partnership will now exchange their experiences, explore the demands for vocational education and training, and also of informal and non-formal learning methods for disadvantaged people like young skilled and un-skilled unemployed, women and older employees.

To see more about the project, how we are progressing and the outcomes, go to the New Trail Jobs Website